Pinshard 1.1


Pinshard 1.1 released on 15th February and here's what has changed.

I'm a bit late with the publish of this post (sorry!) but here's the changes in 1.1.

Most of the work in this release went towards the tagging UI and the dedicated 'Add Pin' view now available within the app.

Previously, tags were just a space separated text field. Now they're a multi-selection component.

The new tagging view
The new tagging view

Here's the new 'Add' view. The share extension has been updated to look similar and pre-populate most of the fields.

The new add view
The new add view

1.2 release

I'm just finishing the last changes for the 1.2 release. This will include a dedicated 'reader view', and the beginning of customisation to the app.

Stay tuned!