A modern Pinboard.in app for iOS

Pinshard is an minimal and opinionated Pinboard.in app in development.

Core Features

Pinshard has all of the core features needed to browse and organise pins. More features coming soon.

Designed and coded for iOS

Written in SwiftUI, Pinshard is a real and fast iOS app.

Community and personal pins

View popular and recent pins from the Pinboard community, or log-in and access your personal bookmarks.


Filter by unread, shared, and untagged pins.


Search bookmarks by title, tags or URL.

Share extension

Conveniently bookmark websites from the iOS share menu.

Reader view

View pins directly in-app as a web page, using the reader view or open in your default web browser.

First class iPad Support

The iPad app comes with Multi-Window support and keyboard shortcuts to make browsing your pins a great experience.

Customer profile user interface

MacOS Safari Extension

Conveniently add pins from Safari. Now available for iOS!

Autofill active tab

When opened, Pinshard's Safari Extension will autofill the website title and url of the active tab.


Set defaults your shared and read later settings.


All of your Pinboard tags are stored locally and listed as suggestions for easier tagging.