Hello, World


At the time of writing, Pinshard is being prepared on the iOS App Store for its initial release.

First release

The goal of this first release is to get the core features which I use most frequently with Pinboard. Because of this, there are still many features most people would want that are missing. This includes customising the app, various feeds, favouriting and more advanced searching.

Due to the lack of features, I'm releasing the app at an introductory price of $0.99. Anyone that purchases it at this price will help spur further development, as well as getting it while it's cheap.

So what's on the roadmap for the next release?


I'd really like to get support for widgets that list the popular and recent feeds. If all goes well I'll try to get personal feed widgets in as well.

Dedicated 'Add Pin' View

Currently it's only possible to add new pins from the share extension. I'd like to add a manual way of doing this within the app.

More to come

These features are planned for the 1.1 release. I will post an update with my plan for 1.2 later on.